From the old site

A new site more than ten years after the previous one has to be different. I had conceived that at the start of a new working adventure: full-time type metrics engineer.
This one, on the other hand, is more of a reflection on the journey. And, above all, clarification of ideas. To make sense of them.
But once I finished the new, I thought I had to save a few bits of the old. They ended up here.

First of all, a photograph of Jos Buivenga and me. The professional adventure started with him. And also a friendship.

Jos Buivenga and Me

Which is related to Henrik Kubel's note:

«The iKern system is now an integral part of how we space and kern our fonts – most importantly it gives me time to concentrate on other parts of the design. Great thanks to Jos Buivenga for recommending Igino to me at the ATypI conference in Dublin – it's literally the best thing that happened in 2010, font wise.»

It's about the importance of the intrinsic social network we're all in: the word of mouth—a network where others talk about you.

Then another photograph, a souvenir of a lovely evening in a pizzeria. (And more with Luciano!)

Dave Crossland, Igino Marini, Paolo Mazzetti e Luciano Perondi

In photo from left: Dave Crossland, now at the Google Font Directory, come in Urbino to visit Luciano for his fame, me, Paolo Mazzetti (among the collaborators for the Sole serif project) and Luciano Perondi (april 2010).

And finally, a link to an interview:
Thanks to Tanja Rastätter of Slanted.